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I have over 20 years of experience framing, supervising, estimating and designing homes in and around Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC. For the last 6 years I have continued to provide working drawings and other computer related works for those areas and across the U.S. while living in the Philippines.

I have relationships with Architects and Engineers in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina that I can work under and will stamp my work at a reasonable fee or I can send work to any engineer of your choice.

Do not let the distance between us fool you. My services are fine tuned to be efficient and easy for you to use. Getting you exactly what you need, when you need it.

So, how could we work together on your next project? Well, it depends on which of three categories you fall into: Program, Paper or Don’t Know.



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Foxit Reader

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Most designers/ architects and some contractors I work with prefer using either Autodesk

Design Review or a basic PDF program. Clients like these programs, because they find it easier and cleaner to work with and keep track of everything.  Design Review is a program developed by Autodesk specifically for marking up CAD drawings.

If you prefer a regular PDF program there is always Adobe Reader; however you can only read and print with the free version. In order to create and mark-up a file you must buy the program. Which is why I recommend Foxit Reader, their free version allows you to mark up and create PDFs as well.



Most builders I work with however don’t like to fiddle with drawings on a computer. Instead, they prefer to grab a pen and do their mark-ups on paper. If this is you then all you need is a scanner and printer. One client I work with bought a used scanner on Amazon for $45 and has been using it for the last four years.

Personally I highly recommend a printer & scanner that can do 11”x17” paper and that is regardless if you use my service or not. It just seems to be the perfect size for marking up and going over floor and elevations. Of course that is your decision.


Perhaps, you are not convinced you want to outsource your work enough to download a program or pick up a scanner yet.  Then allow me to make a suggestion. You are probably surrounded by copier stores, FedEx and ups office stores all who will gladly take anything you have on paper and convert it into a computer file. Even most Wal-Mart’s and grocery store service desk offer this now.

So, if you have something that needs to be done, on your way home why not just stop by, have them covert your files and email them to me. Allow me the opportunity to do just ‘one’ job for you and then decide from that experience if you wish to use my services. Or simply contact me and lets us discuss how I can help you.



Getting blue prints of your working drawings is no problem. Again, most copier facilities, FedEx, UPS Office and even Office Max offer this service. If you prefer not to use any of those for whatever reason, I work with designers in the U.S. who will gladly plot out your plans and FedEx them to you. All you pay for is the paper and postage.